3 diseases that cause people to gain weight in a short period


In most African countries, many people believe that gaining weight is a sign of good living. “When you gain weight, your helpers may ask you for money.” The general idea is that sick people lose weight and healthy people become thick. Unfortunately, that is a wrong perception. Below are three diseases that can make a person gain weight considerably in a short period.

1. Heart failure

First, people who are having heart failure may gain weight in a very short period. Since the heart is not able to perform its duty of pumping blood throughout the body, most of the body tissues will retain fluid which will reflect as weight gain.

You can distinguish heart failure weight gain from others by checking for swellings in other parts of the body. First, check the feet, hands, and stomach. There are other signs of heart failure too that you must check. In my next article, I will talk about these signs.

2. Kidney or liver problem

In the initial stages of a kidney or liver problem, the individual may seem to have gained weight considerably. Both factors cause water retention in the body. The kidney is responsible for removing unwanted waste materials from the body. Failure to do so means that the body will retain the fluid and the toxins.

The liver, on the other hand, is responsible for detoxifying the body, and the production of bile for digestion and the breakdown of fat. Its inability to perform its duty well may lead to indigestion, bloat, and inability to sleep. All these conditions may induce weight gain.

3. Diabetes

Weight differs depending on the type of diabetes a person is suffering from. Most times, whereas type one diabetes may lead to weight loss, the second type goes hand in hand with weight gain. First, the blood sugar level may induce the patient to eat more. Second, the intake of insulin may also cause excessive eating.

Every ten-year challenge picture may show a change in weight which people use to assess progress or retrogress. Nevertheless, we must understand that it could be misleading, and in some cases, a weight gain may be a result of a disease.

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