The desire to pursue education is sometimes thwarted by a lack of funding. To that end, the GRIPS Japanese Government Scholarship presents a valuable opportunity for graduate students from developing countries to study, explore, and experience quality education in Japan.

About the GRIPS scholarship in Japan

Students from developing countries as well as from other eligible countries who wish to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees.

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) programs for AY 2020-2021 may apply to 1 of several fellowships or fellowships allocated to GRIPS by various sponsoring organizations.

Scholarship and fellowship programs available through direct application to GRIPS are; the Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT), Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP), Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP), Japan Human Resource Development Program Scholarship- OMA, G-cube Grant, GRIPS Grant, and ICHARM Research Assistantship.

Scholarships ready to apply through a sponsoring organization are the Japanese Government-YLP-MEXT Scholarship, Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia, Indonesian Government Scholarship for Linkage Masters Program, JICA/Institute of Building Research Institute (BRI), JICA/Public Works Research Institute (PWRI), and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

GRIPS targets students who are mid-career civil servants with strong leadership and managerial potential, as well as individuals with strong academic skills who wish to be professional policy analysts or pursue an academic career. Therefore, I urge you to read carefully and submit your application.

What are the benefits of the Japanese government GRIPS scholarships?

More than 90% of GRIPS students receive full scholarships.

The scholarship covers a monthly stipend for living expenses such as food, clothing, and other daily expenses, as well as accommodation, transportation, medical treatment, insurance, and various miscellaneous expenses; application fee, admission fee, and tuition; and economy class airfare between the home country and Japan at the time of enrollment and upon completion of studies. The awards and rules differ slightly for each scholarship.

Eligibility for the GRIPS Scholarship

GRIPS will determine the particular scholarship based on the eligibility requirements imposed by the scholarship providers.

GRIPS targets students who are mid-career civil servants with strong leadership and management potential and individuals with strong academic skills who wish to be professional policy analysts or pursue an academic career.

Candidates applying for Masters’s programs and 5 years Doctor Programs must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, while candidates apply for a 3-year Ph.D. Programs must hold a master’s degree or its equivalent.

Eligibility criteria differ for each scholarship, please see the  GRIPS Scholarship Summary page for the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

Nationality and host institution

The GRIPS Scholarship 2021 is hosted in Japan through the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS).

Eligible Countries

Students from developing countries are encouraged to apply

Field of study

Public politics; public finance; macroeconomic policy; Economy, Planning and Public Policies; disaster management policy; Maritime Safety and Security Policy; Japanese and culture

How To Apply For The GRIPS Scholarship

Application procedures differ by program. Some programs require you to apply directly to GRIPS, while others require you to apply through a sponsoring organization. See below how to apply to each program.

For details on each program, go to Degree Programs.

For information on funding, including scholarships, go to Tuition Fees and Expenses.

Online application (directly to GRIPS)

Online admission applications are now open.

To apply for any of the following programs, download our Online Application Guide and follow the 3 steps listed below.

Master’s programs

  • One-year Master of Public Policy Program (MP1)
  • Two-year Master’s Program in Public Policy (MP2)
  • Macroeconomic Policy Program (MEP) (one-year program or two-year program) for externally funded or self-funded applicants only
  • Public Finance Program (PF)

Five-year Ph.D. Program (minimum of 3 years)

  • Policy Analysis Program (PA)

Ph.D. of three years. programs

  • GRIPS Global Government Program (G-cube)
  • Security and International Studies Program (SISP)
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation (CTI) Policy Program

Step 1 Online Registration Form

Complete and submit the Online Registration Form. The Admissions Office will send you an ID and password via email.

Step 2 Online Application Form

Use your ID and password to access the GRIPS portal, path g. Complete and submit the online application form.

Step 3 Supporting Documents

Submit the required supporting documents to the Office of Admissions by mail.

GRIPS Scholarship Application Deadline

For candidates who wish to be considered for a scholarship who reside outside of Japan, the application deadlines for those applying directly to GRIPS are;

  • November 29 – the 1-year Master of Public Policy Program (MP1); the 2-year Master’s Program in Public Policy (MP2);
  • 17 January – or the Ph.D. programs in Policy Analysis (PA), Global Governance GRIPS (G-cube), International Studies and Security Program (SISP), and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program (STI); and the Master’s Program in Economics, Planning and Public Policies (EPP);
  • February 28 – for the Master’s Program in Public Finance (PF); Y
  • March 6 – or the Ph.D. in the Disaster Management Program (DM).

Scholarship website

GRIPS Scholarship FAQs

Can I apply online to two programs simultaneously?

No. Applicants must select only one program.

I am a master’s student and I am currently writing a thesis. Can I apply for a Ph.D. program?

Yes. If you are currently a student, you can submit the thesis you have been working on, even if it is incomplete. If you think that it is not enough, you can also send a final document or some other document related to your research.

If your program does not require a thesis, you can submit a paper that you wrote during your study and that is related to your area of ​​research.


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