Job Written Exam for FOR DIRECTOR OF ONE STOP CENTER AND LAND NOTARY (MARKING SCHEME – Question and Suggested Answers)

Question 1: General Knowledge / Connaissance générale (15 Marks)

Point out the incorrect clauses among the following: Vision 2020 has four pillars and three cross-cutting; Rugezi is an administrative sector in Northern Province; sites for grouped rural settlement IMIDUGUDU are preferably fertile; land transactions are allowed in Rwanda; a road set back is a pathway around the road lanes; when applying for a construction permit, a deed plan is not provided by the architect or civil engineer of the client.

Dire quelles sont les propositions incorrectes parmi les suivantes: La Vision 2020 a quatres piliers et deux domains transversaux; Rugezi est un secteur administratif de la Province du Nord; dans le choix des sites pour la construction des IMIDUGUDU, les terrains fértiles doivent être previlegiés; la transaction des terres est premise au Rwanda; le reserve d’une route est un passage pour piétons autour d’une route; quand on veut demander une autorisation de bâtir, la fiche cadastrale n’est pas obtenue chez l’architecte ou l’Ingénieur civil du client.

Question 2: Infrastructure (15 Marks)

  1. Quote four advices on how can the government reduce the repair costs of its buildings?
  2. Enumerate seven elements on the checklist when applying for a construction permit.
  1. Enumérer quatre consiels à donner au gouvernement afin de réduire le prix de reparation des bâtiments étatiques
  2. Enumérer sept éléments qui doivent faire partie du dossier de demande d’autorisation de bâtir

Question 3: Quantity surveying/ Devis (10 Marks)

The roof of a rectangular building (12mx14m) has an eave overhang of 50cm each side. The pitch is 30°. Is this roof pitch acceptable according to disaster management regulations in Rwanda? Which range is advised in the regulations? Estimate the area of the ironsheets needed and the total cost if the currect contractor price is 9000RWF/m2 overlap included.

La toiture d’une maison rectangulaire (12mx14m) a un forget de 50cm de chaque côté. La pente de la toiture est de 30°. La pente est-elle acceptable par rapport à celle préconisée par les réglements pour la gestion des désastres au Rwanda? Quelles sont les valeurs préconisées? Estimez l’aire nécessaire des tôles pour ce toit et le prix total si l’entrepreneur demande 9000RWF/m2 y compris le recouvrement des tôles.

Question 4: Land Policy / Lois foncières (10 Marks)

Quote three specific objectives and two general principles of the land policy in Rwanda.

Enumérer trois objectifs spécifiques et deux principes généraux de la loi foncière au Rwanda.

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a– Periodic maintenance-Awareness of users-Deep inspection during construction-Establish a clear checklist for Inspection,-to use durable materials8Marks
bSeven of01        Application Form02        Land Ownership DocumentsDeed planLease contract or Land title based on cadastral map03        Proof of payment in RRA04        Location MapsLocation in the StructureLocation in the ZoningLocation on satellite images05        Site AnalysisSite analysis at the regional and neighborhood scaleSite analysis at the plot scale06        Design ReportProject descriptionDetailed report of the proposed design solution07        Environmental Impact Assessment Report or Clearance08        Site PlanGeneral Requirements, General Design standardsBasic requirements:Specific Site Plan Requirements09        Landscape PlanLandscape Plan requirementsLandscape Report10        Geotechnical Data11        Architectural Data12        Structural DataStructural calculation notesStructural drawings13        Building ServicesPlumbing, Drainage, Storm water and Waste water DataElectrical, Telecommunication and Mechanical Data14        Safety Measure Plan15        Bill of Quantities16        Certifications7Marks
aYesThe slope must be greater than 25% (14°) for galvanized iron sheets and,The slope must be greater than 50% (26°) for tilesThe area of roof= (14+1)*(12+1)/Cos30=225.2m2The cost= 9000*225.2= 2,026,560 RWF   2Marks3Marks3Marks2Marks
Specific Objectives (3 of) :-To put in place mechanisms which guarantee land tenure security to land users for the promotion of investments in land.-To promote good allocation of land in order to enhance rational use of land resources according to their capacity.-To avoid the splitting up of plots and promote their consolidation in order to bring about economically viable production.-To establish mechanisms which facilitate giving land its productive value in order to promote the country’s socio-economic development.-To focus land management towards more viable and sustainable production by choosing reliable and time-tested methods of land development.-To develop actions that protect land resources from the various effects of land degradation.-To establish institutional land administration arrangements that enable land to have value in the market economy.-To promote research and continuous education of the public in all aspects of duties and obligations with regard to land tenure, land management and land transactions.-To establish order and discipline in the allocation of land and land transactions in order to control and/or curb pressure on land, inappropriate development, land speculation and land trafficking.-To promote the involvement and sensitization of the public at all levels in order to infuse land use practices that are favourable to environmental protection and good land management.-To promote conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.General Principles (2 of):-Land is a common heritage for past, present and future generations.-The State has supreme power to manage land for the benefit of all-The General land tenure regime is a renewable long term lease. However, free hold titles may be granted upon fulfilment of required conditions on lands with specific use-According to the constitutional principle of equality of all citizens, all Rwandans enjoy the same rights of access to land without any discrimination whatsoever.-According to this principle, women, married or not, should not be excluded from the process of land access, land acquisition and land control, and female descendants should not be excluded from the process of family land inheritance-Allocation of public land for investment through competition-Foreigners rights (49 years, conventions, reciprocity condition for free holds)-Land administration should guarantee land tenure security.-The determination of the real purpose of land and information about land are a prerequisite to good management and rational use of land, which is the basic element of development and source of life.

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