The Vice Chancellor
University of Rwanda
Kigali – Rwanda

Dear Vice Chancellor

RE: Masters and PhD Scholarships at Bilkent University, Turkey

I am pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Education and Imbuto Foundation have
entered into partnership with the Bilkent University in Turkey, and 30 Rwandan Students
were granted Masters and PhD scholarships in the following academic programs:

Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences

1. Music (MA, PhD)
2. Media and Visual Studies (MA)
3. Archaeology (MA)
4. Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
(MFA, PhD)
5. International Relations (MA, PhD)

Graduate School of Engineering and Science

. Molecular Biology and Genetics (MSc, PhD)
2. Neurosciences (MSc, PhD)
3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MSc, PhD)
4. Industrial Engineering (MSc, PhD)

Graduate School of Education

1. Curriculum and Instruction (MA, PhD)

It is in this regard, that we are forwarding this offer and request you to nominate two (2)
suitable and eligible candidates for each of the relevant field.
The candidates should submit the following application documents:
– Application letter addressed to the Director General of HEC
– A copy of ID Card
– Curriculum Vitae
– Original – notified degree certificate and transcripts
– A study plan or research proposal (minimum 800 words)
A complete application file should be submitted to the Higher Education Council, not later
than Friday 30/09/2022. For more details, please contact Mr. GASANGWA Theoneste on
email: and Tel.: 0788424250.

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