BENIMPUHWE is a local non-profit organization legally recognized in 1995. It is implementing various projects in 11 districts of Rwanda. The organization provides assistance to the vulnerable women, orphans and other vulnerable children and youth so as to improve their livelihood and sustain adequate living conditions.

BENIMPUHWE ORGANIZATION is implementing Rungano-Ndota project among others.

Project overview

This project was created by a Founding Team of 15 young leaders from Ruhango District.  Our vision and effort catalyzed a new initiative that helps vulnerable youth develop as leaders and entrepreneurs, using an innovative experiential, community-building approach.  In 2017 Rungano-Ndota Initiative started working officially in the District.  Some of the Founding Team now serve as staff.

Since then the program has improved the livelihoods of 200 vulnerable youth in the district. We designed Rungano-Ndota to build a truly empowering path for vulnerable youth so they can develop not only as leaders and entrepreneurs but also develop entrepreneurial mindset in all their life. The goal of the program is to empower a community of vulnerable youth as holistic leaders who are able to secure their livelihoods for future and help others at the same time.

RNI’s program in a district is operated by a staff with a volunteer Leadership Team that comes from the community.  Our approach starts with mentoring to guide youth’s choices regarding their wellness and their livelihood.  Monthly program days bring the entire group together to practice leadership skills and develop entrepreneurial abilities, all in an active, experiential style that unlocks their potential.  From that foundation, youth develop pathways for their livelihoods – including vocational training, individual entrepreneurship, and cooperative businesses with their peers. We keep coaching and helping them operate and sustain their businesses over a period of four years.  After graduation, youth will continue to be involved through alumni activities.

We have developed RNI in collaboration with Rwanda Youth Partnership, our partners in the USA.  Through this partnership we interact with supporters and mentors from the USA and other countries who support our mission.  Together we are planning to scale up the program in other districts of the country.


Job Description;

Position Title: Youth business coach

General responsibilities for all Rungano-Ndota program staff:

  • Participate constructively in the RNI community and establish friendly relationships with youth
  • Help design and facilitate Rungano Program Days
  • Be able to provide holistic advising on both leadership progress, entrepreneurship and personal wellness
  • Help design and facilitate in RNI Business Bootcamp and Business Idea Generation Day
  • Actively participate the RNI organized  virtual events
  • Participate in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Support colleagues with their responsibilities through feedback and teamwork

Responsibilities for this particular job:

  • Establish friendly and business relationships with youth of RNI
  • Assist RNI youth in their journeys in business, including:
    1. coaching for improved leadership and business skills
    2. helping cooperatives produce a credible business plan
    3. providing ongoing coaching, and guidance
  • Co-Design and facilitate sessions in training for youth businesses
  • Identify material and trainings which may be of use to the youth businesses
  • Maintain records and complete reports as required
  • Be able to provide coaching to some cooperatives

Individual business coach shall work under the supervision of the  livelihood officer

Essential Qualifications and Required Skills

All Rungano-Ndota staff:

  • Possess reliable, clear teamwork communication style, with colleagues, youth, and external partners
  • Possess deep understanding of the barriers faced by youth who are not in formal education and employment – coupled with equal belief in their potential for success
  • Demonstrate ability to build positive, empowering relationships with vulnerable youth
  • Have high integrity and ethical behavior in all they do
  • Are Rwandan by nationality and thoroughly understand the context of the country
  • Are young themselves, because the work requires flexibility, travels, and working with youth
  • Have mid to high level skills in MS Word and Excel
  • Are fluent in spoken and written Kinyarwanda and English

Perform any other duties as assigned by the organization.

For this particular job:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in agri-business and background in veterinary or agronomy, with at least 1 year of experience working with vulnerable youth.
  • Alternatively, a diploma in agribusiness with background in veterinary or agronomy, plus 3 years’ experience working with vulnerable youth.
  • Good understanding of business in agriculture and livestock sectors, including cooperative management and entrepreneurship.
  • Ability to design and implement strategies for coaching groups of vulnerable youth, such as cooperatives

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application through and copy to  Include a cover letter and CV, along with a one-page sketch discussing the scenario below.  In your cover letter, you are welcome to explain any parts of your professional, academic, or personal life experience that truly motivate you to pursue this job.

Deadline: October 4th, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be invited for a written test!

BENIMPUHWE is an equal opportunity employer we are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, religion, gender, physical disability or other basis protected by Rwandan law.

Women and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply!


  • In compensation for service rendered, BENIMPUHWE will offer a monthly salary, health & maternity insurance  and pension savings insurance;
  • All staff benefit from different training organized by the project
  • All staff also benefit from collaboration and coaching discussions with international colleagues whom we meet through our US-based partners

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