Job Description

– Organise feedback sessions with companies and other hosting institutions and address issues related
– Support to Mobilise and engage companies, public institutions, NGOs and SMEs to host and coach interns
– Call interns to check for their availability before placing them in different hosting institutions
– Organise feedback sessions with interns and address issues related
– Support interns and hosting institutions to create account in internship system
– Support interns to apply for internship in internship system
– Verify application files of interns and validate those eligible to be on waiting list and reject those who are not fulfilling the
– Support hosting institutions to request interns
– Follow up with hosting institutions to sign contracts online in the system
– Collecting technical issues raised by interns and help them to address issues or advocate for further assistance and help
– Follow up with the hosting institutions from interns request up to signing a contract
– Monitor complains and feedback sent to RDB through different channels including social media and emails
– Undertake field monitoring sessions to assess the learning environment and devise strategies to address challenges

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication3 Years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resource3 Years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology3 Years of relevant experience

Competency and Key Technical Skills


Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.





Client/citizen focus


Commitment to continuous learning

Coordination, planning and organizational skills

Interpersonal skills

Collaboration and team working skills

High analytical Skills

Fluency in English or French. Knowledge of both is an added advantage

Strong communication skills

Mastering the use of Professional Network Platforms

Understanding Emerging Recruitment Solutions

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