Company: EarthEnable Rwanda
Reports to: Regional Manager
Location: Either Rulindo, Rwamagana, or Huye
Compensation: Commensurate with experience (RWF 300-600K gross, or RWF 200-400K net); see competency matrix here that we use to determine levels. We are open to hiring either a District Coordinator, a Junior District Manager, or a District Manager. The candidates’ starting level will be assessed during the interview process.

Timeframe: Open-ended

How to Apply: Click on this link.

Closing Date: November 30th, 2022

Who We Are

At EarthEnable, we believe that our clients deserve our very best, that the best ideas can come from any part of the company, and that failure is necessary for success. We celebrate each other’s wins, learn from our setbacks, and are deeply proud of the impact we make every day. We believe that a clean, dust-free home means more than good health. It means pride and dignity in the place our customers most treasure: their homes. Being a part of our team means more than building housing products: it means building an organization and building a better future for rural families.

What We Do

EarthEnable is transforming the way people live, by making homes healthier for families across rural Rwanda and Uganda. 65% of Rwandans and Ugandans live in homes with dirt floors which are dusty, unsanitary, and fertile breeding grounds for parasites and germs. While replacing a dirt floor with concrete has significant health benefits (e.g. reducing diarrhea by 50% and parasitic infections by 80%), concrete is unaffordable for many who need it.

EarthEnable addresses this pressing and ubiquitous problem by selling high-quality, earthen housing products that are 80% cheaper than concrete equivalents with 90% less embedded energy. Earthen construction is already prevalent in modern homes across the world, and we have innovated on distribution models that make our products ultra-affordable. EarthEnable trains and certifies local franchisees to install our products which are sealed using our proprietary drying oil that makes them waterproof, strong, and polished.

About the Role

This role is for a person who is more passionate about coaching, developing new entrepreneurs to build their own business and supporting them in the franchisees business Model. Your duties and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Develop franchisees

  • Recruiting and Develop franchisees
  • Be able to network in rural areas in order to identify new potential franchisees
  • Managing recruiting, ongoing coaching and performance monitoring of franchisees in the district
  • Screen potential franchisees during the recruitment process
  • Train franchisees on business, construction and sales so that they can achieve their targets
  • Identify the training gaps for franchisees and district team and develop them effectively
  • Manage and prepare the certification process for franchisee effectively

2. Generate demand

  • Develop strong collaborative relationships with Government especially local leaders and communicate with them professionally
  • Create relationships with Local Ngos to be able to obtain more institutional contracts
  • Partnern with Cooperatives and others institutions to support customers to be financed over time
  • Develop Marketing strategies such advertising, door to door and others so that we can increase our sales

3. Ensure Quality

  • Develop franchisee to ensure that they know the best quality and ensure they deliver and maintain good customer service
  • Develop and follow up standard quality measures to ensure franchisees are in line with quality
  • Ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services by regularly doing checks referring to the salesforce data analysis

4. Administration

  • Prepare franchisees timesheet and follow up on their payments on time
  • Ensure accuracy in inventory management and stock counts
  • Ensure your data in salesforce is accurate and updated it frequently
  • Support the finance team during district budgeting sessions and to ensure your finances are in good order
  • Ensure your district meets your KPI targets referring to P&L

5. Team management

  • Give support, guidance, and mentoring required to both franchisees and district team so that they can handle their responsibilities
  • Work hand in hand with your district supporter to support you to accomplish your objectives
  • Ensure success by maintaining a culture of accountability
  • Manage various tasks deadlines at the employee level and the district level
  • Manage work accomplishment for both district team and franchisees
  • keep a flexible schedule, to address many issues that arise unexpectedly
  • Conduct frequently check-ins on your district team and franchisees


  • Enjoys field work in rural settings
  • Can drive a motorcycle or is willing to learn within 6 months of starting the job
  • Organized and able to manage multiple projects, using technology when appropriate
  • Detail-oriented and able to keep track of inventory
  • Fast learner and pushes themselves to learn new technologies and skills on-the-job
  • Able to coach and train franchisees in developing business skills and technical skills
  • Strong communicator and skilled at developing partnerships with external stakeholders (e.g. the local government, local NGOs, etc.)
  • Fluent in Kinyarwanda, conversational in English
  • Aligned with EarthEnable’s core values
  • Take pride in our impact on health. Work passionately to change the way people live.
  • Set the bar for customer care. Exceed their expectations every step of the way
  • Work hard and work together to achieve our most ambitious goals and dreams
  • Be resourceful and responsible with money; our impact depends on it
  • Treat everyone with the fairness, empathy, and concern with which we expect to be treated. Celebrate diversity while building a culture of inclusivity
  • Trust each other to have the humility to support and the vulnerability to be supported
  • Relentlessly innovate to do what’s never been done; embrace risk and failure as a way to learn, evolve, and create more impact

Experience in field-based roles, sales, project management softwares (Salesforce and Asana), coaching/training, and construction a plus, but not required

Please note: Women are encouraged to apply and only shortlisted applicants will be contacted!

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