Job Description

– Organize, in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, trainings and public awareness campaigns meant to disseminate new forestry technologies among beneficiaries;
– Supervise the identification and mapping of forest diseases, reforestation and forests protection needs, vulgarization and valorization of trees and forests at the sector level and advise on the preventive and reactive measures across the sector;
– Inspect whether mining and forests harvesting practices comply with the applicable regulations and standards;
– Maintain an updated database of forests and natural resources operators within the Sector, analyze the impact of their work on sustainable local development and advise the Sector accordingly.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A2 in Forestry0 Year of relevant experience
Competency and Key Technical Skills
  • N/AStrong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.InclusivenessAccountabilityCommunicationTeamworkClient/citizen focusProfessionalismCommitment to continuous learning
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