Mango Telecom Ltd is a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is incorporated under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Rwanda. The company is engaged in the business of providing advanced information and Communication Technology (“ICT”) services based on 4G LTE and Fiber Connectivity. Mango Telecom Ltd, is leading 4G Internet service provider in Rwanda, and has evolved into a full-range Internet and business solutions providing in public and private institutions in Rwanda.

Mango Telecom Ltd would like hire a qualified Candidate for position of Channel Development Manager.





  1. Recruitment of new potential agents and dealers for mango telecom’s product in all regions of Rwanda.
  2. Establish new channels for Mango’s products for easily reach to customers in all region of Rwanda.
  3. Recruiting appropriate candidates and creating enough resources to reach customers in every region of Rwanda.
  4. Development of strong relationship with channel partners and providing to them appropriate support.
  5. Establish obligations and set KPI for his/her channel partners.
  6. Management of the Channel Partners’ performance on their contractual obligations.
  7. Continuously Expanding the number of products integration points to increase sales of all company’s products.
  8. Training and resourcing the Channel Partners such that they are able to effectively promote the company and its products to customers in all regions.
  9. Establish new business model with channel partners to benefit both parties.
  10. Work with our existing Channel Partners and provide to them appropriate support and make sure that they are focused on selling more of our products into their regions.
  11. Set sales target for all of his/her team and monitory progress.
  12. Establish marketing strategies for his department to make more sales.
  13. Conducting cost and benefit analysis for his department ‘s initiatives
  14. Management of all contracts for a mutually beneficial and trading relationship with partners and represent the company.


  1. 5 years’ professional experience in one of Telecommunication Company in Rwanda or any other country as Channel development manager.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, or a related field.
  3. Know all region of country and ability to travel in all.
  4. Project management skills with a high level of attention to details in written and verbal communications
  5. Customer focussed with the ability to make clear decisions
  6. Strong ability in English communication Both speaking and writing.
  7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications

The Interested Candidates should send their updated CV in Mango telecom HR though this email:

Deadline on 25-Dec -2022 and, the selected candidates will be contacted by our call center office

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