Hello Everyone today we came up with one of the Best Opportunities for those who want to Live Abroad. An introduction to Digital Nomad Visa 2023. The Digital Nomad Visa is the best Visa for those who want to live in a Foreign country without a Job offer. 

The digital Nomad Visa allows citizens of foreign countries to live while working remotely for companies located outside the country. This opportunity is mainly for those who are Freelancers, Digital Marketers, or those who are working online and earning online. So, they can live in any country where Digital Nomad Visa is available.

Many countries recently announced Digital Nomad Visa. Because they want to attract international applicants to come and live there to improve their economy. Europe, the USA, and many Asian countries introduced a Nomad Visa.

There are certain requirements and criteria you have to meet before applying. The List of the countries and the application process for the Digital Nomad Visa 2023 is available below.

Eligibility Criteria for Nomad Visa

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must have a specific monthly minimum income. The minimum income requirement will vary depending on the country you choose.
  • You must have a job that you can do from anywhere in the world for example online job, a freelancer, an online Job, or any job in any company if they allow you to work online.

List of Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visa 2023

Recently these countries announced Digital Nomad Visa for all the citizens

  • 21 September: Malaysia launched a Digital Nomad Visa to go live on 1 October 2022
  • 10 October: Ecuador Digital Nomad Visa launched
  • 14 October: Namibia Digital Nomad Visa launched
  • 1 November: Portugal launched Digital Nomad Visa to complement D7 Visa
  • 25 November: Spain Digital Nomad Visa will be launched in January 2023

List of Full countries offering Digital Nomad Visa

These are the following countries that are offering Digital Nomad Visa. There may be more countries but I only know about these. You can do more searches on Google. But we can tell you that which country is best to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa

Antigua and BarbudaEcuadorNorth Macedonia
BelizeHungarySaint Lucia
Cabo VerdeIndonesiaSouth Africa*
Cayman IslandsItaly*Spain
CroatiaLatviaSri Lanka*
Czech RepublicMexico

Best Countries to Get a Visa as a Digital Nomad

  • Germany. Those wishing to work in Germany as digital nomads can apply for a German freelance visa.
  • Estonia
  • Costa Rica. The Rentista visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica permits its holder to remain in the country for up to two years, with the possibility to extend it.
  • Croatia. The Croatian authorities established the Digital Nomad Visa in 2021 to encourage freelance workers to reside in Croatia while working.
  • Norway
  • Mexico
  • Portugal. Those wishing to live in Portugal as digital nomads can apply for a D7 Passive Income visa, which resembles a lot of the Costa Rican Rentista visa.
  • The Czech Republic
  • Iceland. Iceland introduced its version of the digital nomad visa in October 2020 to better deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called the Iceland Remote Worker visa, and also serves as a temporary residence permit.
  • Argentina

Application Process for Digital Nomad Visa

Application form.

Make an appointment with an embassy or consulate.

Prepare your documents.

Submit your application.

Main Documents

  • Digital nomad visa application form.
  • Your passport.
  • Identity pictures.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • Proof of financial income (its source, the amount, etc.).
  • Evidence of remote work (clients, work contract, business license).
  • Civil documents (birth certificate, CV, qualifications, etc.)

Digital Nomad Visa Validity

A digital nomad visa is valid for one to two years. In some cases, it can be extended.

What type of Work is Suitable for a Digital No mad Visa

Usually, if you are doing any online work and earning from the internet Like Google, Youtuber, Blogging, Vlogs, Marketing, Content creators, Website developer, Social media marketer, or Digital entrepreneur.

This was all about the Nomad Visa. You can do more searches on Google, and see the benefits of each country. It will take time to decide, but that’s a Good opportunity. Thanks.

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