The pavilion of Rwanda in the international area of the Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha offers an experience that showcases the history of this African country, its present and future, modern technologies, and the progress made in agriculture and water management there through screens that allow visitors to discover the stories, culture and heritage of its people, and watch the rapid pace at which the country developed.
Rwanda’s pavilion takes visitors on a journey through time to live the country’s history and discover the rapid pace at which it has developed through leadership and innovation, especially as it has become a regional centre for information and communications technology, an upscale tourist destination, and an ideal destination for investment and business.
Rwanda’s pavilion showcases the state’s technology and innovation project, which brings together distinguished people from the African continent to develop their capabilities and talents in line with Rwanda’s Vision 2050 by investing in minds and enhancing their capabilities in the field of advanced industries.
The pavilion provides a virtual experience of gorilla trekking, and a view of the government’s efforts to preserve the environment through its green projects.
Visitors to the pavilion can also take a break in the Rwanda Cafe and taste its local coffee, which is considered one of the finest coffee types in the world.
Rwanda is an innovative and vibrant centre for smart technologies and solutions in several areas, including drones, electric mobility, digital healthcare, government services, and space technologies, which enhances its government’s ambition to become a centre for innovation in Africa.
Supervisor of Rwanda’s pavilion at the expo Jude Phiri said that more than half of Rwanda’s population invests in the agricultural sector, and that the government has invested over the past years in this field with the aim of moving from subsistence or consumer agriculture (intended for individual and family consumption), to another with added value capable of creating wealth and then job opportunities.
He praised the Qatari organisation of the global expo, which brings together more than 80 countries around the world and helps increase co-operation among the participating countries. Rwanda is famous for its parks and picturesque landscapes, the most important of which is the Volcanoes National Park, which is considered a major habitat for gorillas.
The Kivu Beach in Rwanda also has stunning views, in addition to being one of the largest lakes in Africa, as Lake Kivu occupies sixth place in terms of area, which reaches around 90sq km.
Rwanda’s government is working to achieve sustainable development in its various cities, ensuring the principle of balance in sustainability, and reducing economic and service differences between cities, in addition to investing in its human capital by empowering it with culture and science.

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